Independent Festival of the Arts (IFA)

Independent Festival of the Arts (IFA)


Venue: Rough River State Park

Location: United States , Kentucky

Category: Art, Artists

Event date: 2011-12-20 to 2011-12-22


A unique festival providing artists working in all art forms a place to show and sell their artwork. We accept all works of art including but not limited to:
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films, 2-dimension visual art, 3-dimensional visual art, and live performances. We also accept all forms of crafts too. Please come out and support this amazing event! There will even be a masquerade awards show at the end to wrap up the event. Prizes, food, art exhibits, and much more await you at this festival for the arts.

Venue details

Name: Rough River State Park
Address: United States, Falls of Rough, 450 Lodge Road

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