What we see & what we believe in!! (NIV2011)

What we see & what we believe in!! (NIV2011)

Website: http://nivartcentre.com/outreach

Venue: NIV Art Centre

Location: India , Delhi

Category: Art, Artists

Event date: 2010-12-26 to 2010-12-15


What we see and What we believe in!! brings together the works of two young Delhi based artists A.K Douglas and Ajay Narayan. The show is being curated by the curators Pranamita Borgohain and Vikash Nand Kumar.
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The works of Ajit and Ajay are utterly different – each carving out a separate trajectory, with diverging visions and working methods but bonded with a common faith. The exhibition brings their new body of work including paintings, installations, sculptures and video work. Ajay’s inspiration is from his surroundings that may include nature, living creatures or any non living matter. He plays with their forms, shapes and colours. The artist reconciles the quest for the intangible and formless, with the sensuous, tactile materiality of the painted image. His wraithlike and multifarious paintings invoke a concealed and obscure description of the real world. His recent works echoes his enquiries into the subtle knowledge of the universe, where the dashes and impasto of colours create an ambience of this world and outside this world. He has had several solo and group shows to his credit. The works of Douglas are edgy, bold and provocative. Sometimes they may also appear outrageous, but beneath that the artist unfolds some thoughtful concerns. His sense of uncanny aesthetics put forth some needful issues and raises some prudent questions. His works relate to spirituality addressing contemporary issues of the society. The exhibition is organized by Aruna and Shaji Mathew, Niv Art Centre. NIV is an organization which focuses on facilitating the fundamental necessities for advancement of art practices particularly plastic arts and new media arts, with a national cultural vision and outlook on the cultural practices. They have offered an experimental space for the ‘play’ and ‘process’ aspects of art that are often left behind in today’s product-oriented world. The curators Pranamita Borgohain and Vikash Nand Kumar are alumni of School of Arts and Aesthetics, JNU, New Delhi. They write on contemporary art for various art magazines and journals. They also curate shows and organize camps for young contemporary artists independently. Presently Pranamita Borgohain is the Deputy Curator at the National Gallery of Modern Art, New Delhi and Vikash Nand Kumar is freelance writer, art historian and curator based in Delhi.

Venue details

Name: NIV Art Centre
Address: India, New Delhi, 210 Neb Sarai, Near IGNOU.

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