2011 Christian Prophetic Poets & Writers Retreat: Summoning the Commanders of the City (2011CPPWR)

2011 Christian Prophetic Poets & Writers Retreat: Summoning the Commanders of the City (2011CPPWR)

Website: http://www.schoolofthescribe.com/

Venue: Southside Christian Fellowship Church

Location: United States , Georgia

Category: Art, Artists

Event date: 2010-12-26 to 2010-12-29


Voices of Christ Literary Ministries International is a present day Prophetic School of the Scribe. Our curriculum is based on the revelation of The Scribal Anointing as revealed through the scriptures.
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Biennially (every two years), we host the Christian Prophetic Poets Writers Retreat where we equip prophetic scribes for the work of the ministry. Throughout the rest of the year, we teach various sections of this curriculum (and the new curriculum) as Holy Spirit leads through one-day or two-day intensives, prophetic worship arts conferences, schools of the prophet, and other schools of ministry as the opportunities avail themselves. Our very first mini-retreat was held in 2003. The workshops, sessions and biennial retreats hosted by Voices of Christ are quickly becoming a place of sanctuary for those unique Christian writers who are operating in or who are being drawn deeply into the prophetic. For four solid, INTENSIVE days, these prophetic scribes enter into a place of refuge, safety and security; a place where their individuality, creativity and passion in and for Christ Jesus is accepted, nurtured, embraced and encouraged through the uninhibited and immeasurable love of the Father. They are pulled into the secret place where the person of God is real and not afar but obtainable and present; without the lurking pull of entertainment, comparison, compromise and competition hanging in the midst. They experience the power of coming together as a community in the presence of the Lord. The word "INTENSE" speaks to the continuous flow of revelation that pours from our sessions -- as we teach in the mornings and continue through out the evening. Participants are literally saturated in the Word of God which creates an atmosphere in which Holy Spirit convicts, heals, delivers and sets us free. If you're not sure if this writing retreat is for you, take a look at the chart below. If you have had a number of the experiences mentioned, then this could very well be a retreat you cannot afford to miss.

Venue details

Name: Southside Christian Fellowship Church
Address: United States, McDonough, 750 Mount Carmel Road

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