International Theatre Workshop Summer 2010

International Theatre Workshop Summer 2010


Venue: Diplomatic Club Gloria Palace

Location: Bulgaria

Category: Art, Artists

Event date: 2009-12-10 to 2009-12-24


International Theatre Workshop Summer 2010
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Time: August 10th - August 24th 2010 Venue: Diplomatic Club Gloria Palace, Sofia, Bulgaria Participants: actors, dancers, students and teachers of theatre, performers of any background and theatre scholars who wish to transcend into the field of practice The workshop will take place in truly spectacular surroundings. With its area of more than 2.5 hectares, the Diplomatic Club Gloria Palace is a delight for the senses, blending outstanding facilities with the beauty of authentic nature. The International Theatre Workshop Summer 2010 is organized by International Theatre Lab (ITL), Norway, in collaboration with Bulgarian theatre institutions. It is part of ITL’s Research Program for exploring methods to the actor’s training as practised by a variety of world theatre traditions. The objective of the program is to support actor’s development by creating a broad professional network for sharing across borders. At the current stage, the focus is on Bulgaria. Over the span of two weeks, participants will be enrolled in an intensive program of three separate workshops, exploring a variety of aspects central to acting training at a master level. All workshops will be conducted in English and will offer hands-on exercises to build understanding, expertise and community. It is the perfect two-week getaway, combined with an exceptional opportunity to further your skills as an actor by working with top theatre masters in an inspiring, exclusive environment!

Venue details

Name: Diplomatic Club Gloria Palace
Address: Bulgaria, Sofia, Sofia

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