Ministering N Excellence Music & Arts Conference

Ministering N Excellence Music & Arts Conference


Venue: Word Alive Ministries

Location: United States , Florida

Category: Art, Artists

Event date: 2009-12-08 to 2009-12-12


Ministering N' Excellence Music & Arts Conference is for anyone passionate about the place where creativity, God and His people intersect.
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For you left-brainers who like lists, here are just a few of the people this conference is designed for: Praise & Worship Leaders Dancers Actors/Actress Music Engineers Visual Artists Writers/Composers Musicians Vocalists God is calling all ministers of excellence to collaborate with Him as artist-worshippers and leaders in their church, in their communities, and in their culture. It's a question for every artist. It’s also a question for the church. And while both groups might come up with different answers, God offers a remarkable invitation that both encompasses and enriches the kingdom at the same time in so many different forms.

Venue details

Name: Word Alive Ministries
Address: United States, Lakeland, 302 E. Memorial Ave

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